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NOTE: A friend of mine asked me to post this for her. I read it, and it was so good, how could I refuse?

     Here we are in this empty room, my desire for you filling the void and pushing us together. Me, trembling with want, feeling a thousand butterflies burst into flight in my stomach; you, hearing all the opera you never wrote burst into song as you move closer to me. Lips touch; lips like soft leather caress me. Massaging, feeling, knowing all of ourselves in a tender touch. We crash into the bed. The springs groan with our weight as we groan with each other. Stripped of our coverings, real and imagined, I can see the nakedness that makes me love you. When you touch me my nipples stiffen to greet your flesh; my breath catches in my throat, the madness of making love to you driving me to scream. Just as I think it's too much, that I'm going crazy, you slice through me...I belong to you; you tear through my body and all the darkness inside of me, baring my wounds, healing them with your touch. As we rock each other in an orgiastic blur, I tell you not to close your eyes...I want you to see how much I love you. With my fingertips I trace your body...I'm drawing you a picture, for you to remember when we're old, of our story. Your skin is my canvas and I'm making sure you never forget the fire of my kiss and the depth of my love. Your chest, my pillow, your arms, my blanket. Look into my eyes; I feel you stiffening again.

© 2000

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