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The first time we went all the way,
She asked if it was in.
I dumped her two weeks later,
‘Cause she thought it was too thin.

The next girl thought it far too big,
And said it was too long.
She always bragged about it’s girth,
And begged for my strong dong.

Then Susie moaned and groaned and screamed
In orgasmic delight.
She asked if I would ream her ass
At least twice every night.

No freaks for me, so Judy was next,
And what a prude she was.
I don’t believe she ever came,
Too scared of dick she was.

The last one never said a word,
Just kissed my lips and smiled.
She’d make love to me every day,
Then hold me for a while.

We found a lovely simple church,
And soon she was my wife.
The truth: size really doesn’t matter
When you find the love of your life.

© 2000

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