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          A thousand times I'd traced the silk-lined trails of perspiration that led to her triangular-shaped treasure. Oh-so-many times had the throbbing head of my erection pressed against the material in my pants, urging my release. I'd known her forever, and wanted her for just as long, but every time the moment was right, one of us had pulled back for fear of sacrificing the friendship. But tonight was different. Tonight I would change all that. Tonight I would have her...completely. Tonight was Prom Night.

          A dozen images of her immaculate body flashed through my mind as I stepped out of the shower. I quickly dried myself and dressed in my shadowy tuxedo. The cloth hung loosely down my legs and felt cool against my burning skin. As I tied a bowtie around my neck, I thought to myself, "I need her, tonight, now more than ever."

          Her father opened the door around 6:30, the aroma of homemade cooking drifting through my nostrils. I asked him, "What's for dinner?" "Lemon-marinated Grouper with scalloped potatoes, and a cherry pie for desert." How ironic, I hoped to have myself a sprinkle of cherry for desert as well. "Sounds great, is she ready yet?" I said. Her father glanced over his shoulder for a second and in a low tone responded, "Well, you know how women are. She should be out in a few minutes."

          I sat down on the couch as her father walked back toward the kitchen. I hadn't even seen her yet and I could feel the tension building in my loins. I could taste the hypnotic scent of her perfume. I could feel the softness of her breasts. I could draw the outlines of her face. Tonight was the night, and I knew it.

          My thoughts were scattered through my mind as I heard the gentle tap-tap of heels caressing the tile floor. The sound echoed through the hallway and greeted my waiting ears. I arose and turned to face the gateway to the promised land. There she stood.

          I felt my lungs collapse as I expelled a long-drawn breath. Never before had the grace of so beautiful a creature blessed the grounds of the earth. Her smile sent me into a fury of convulsions. My body quaked with tremors of passion merely at the sight of my lady, my love.

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