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"When I was a Teenaged Transcendentalist"

          As I awoke, I tasted the sweet scent of the morning air. The blinds turned, I rejoiced as the glorious rays of the mighty star we call the sun shone in on my sleepy limbs. A slow-setting frown spanned my soul as I peered out onto the garden from my window and saw the beauty of nature destroyed by the yellow-spotted black death named "55". The glory of nature brushed aside as an inconvenience in the fast-paced world of humanity. Yet, I preserved my hope for the future: someday, people would realize the errors of their ways and once again live in harmony with the mother of all mothers, Mother Nature. As I readied to commence my journey into the world, I searched my soul and found that I had become a transcendentalist, if only for that day.

          The profoundness of my epiphany led me to decide that a day's absence from my totalitarian institution of learning would not be sorely missed. I descended the narrow stairwell of my home and found myself in the midst of life. I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds that lulled my body and mind. I felt truly one with my natural surroundings. Suddenly, as if possessed by the very earth itself, my legs began to walk, their destination unclear to me. I did not resist them, as this was a spectacular day for a walk. I found myself near the water, at a secluded point on the Florida Bay, the crisp ocean only footsteps away. The grainy sand cushioned my naked feet, and I began to wiggle my toes, watching as the trails of gold snaked their way around my ankles. Instantly, I dove down into the earth, digging with all my might and moving the sand, that was the last phase in a sea of shells and rocks. The sand that I moved now began to take shape; the mountain of life had I created, with my own two hands, using the earth as my only resource. Satisfied with my accomplishment, I returned home to find the charms of my lover, Elizabeth. The ease with which she accepted any kind of intellectual challenge was, to me, the most appealing aspect of her, despite her breathtaking looks and gorgeous body. I lived for the times when we would sit and discuss the mysteries of life, science, and the universe. On this day, however, I wanted nothing more than to focus on my spiritual well-being, and to gather her in my arms to worship at the temple of the woman, which was, of course, my one true sanctuary. Some of my peers found it odd at the time, but I found this religion to be more personal to God than if I had attended church all seven days of the week. My cries to the good Lord and his son, Jesus Christ, echoed through my heart and I felt more near to God than anyone I knew.

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