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"When I Was a Teenaged Transcendentalist" - continued

          Our walk continued down the patches of grass until we came across what appeared to be a moving mountain of red, with patches of yellow occasionally seen finding their way to the top and then disappearing into the heart of the structure. Upon closer observation, we found it to be an anthill, with literally thousands of workers busy moving particles of food into the inner chambers and then returning outside the kingdom for more. I sighed as I imagined the lack of expression of opinion and the lack of democratic privileges shared by the worker ants of the colony. The totalitarian system allowed no room for lower-class participation in the government of the system. The need for democracy was overly evident to me at that instant; however, I paused for a moment to think about how the productivity and effectiveness of the colony would suffer should such democratic principles be introduced. Alas, I could not resist! But of course the benefits of democracy would outweigh the consequences. The intense individualism encouraged by a democratic system could lead to new ideas and better technologies, and perhaps, even happiness among the workers. I found my spirit, simply from analyzing the political structure of this anthill, completely refreshed. I had once again revived feelings of reform in my soul and also awakened the human spirit in my beloved Elizabeth.

          Finding ourselves exhausted from the day's events and journeys into transcendentalism, Elizabeth and I returned to my apartment for a bountiful supper, provided by our newly discovered friend, nature.

          I can describe the day when I was a teenaged transcendentalist clearly, as it was the day in which I proposed to my wife of twenty years, and I am proud to say that that day transformed our thoughts and souls and we will remain true transcendentalists for the rest of our lives.

© 1999
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