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"Window of Emotions"

          “Okay, then I’ll pick you up around seven on Friday…sounds great…see ya’ then…bye!” I hung up the telephone and quickly caught my breath. Lindsay, the object of my amorous pursuits for over six months had finally agreed to go out with me! I dashed to my room, ignoring my sister’s shouts of, “Dinner’s ready,” nearly stepping on the cat in the process. “My love, at last, is mine!” I thought.

          After tossing my body on my tough-springed mattress, the soft pillows embracing my hot, flushed face, I let out a scream of excitement. Collecting my thoughts, I looked out of my window in time to see a glorious flock of winged dancers fly by. These bluejays gracefully swooped to a nearby fycus tree. The tree itself was a picture of sheer majesty. Its branches, reaching up toward the sky, supporting their festival of visitors, flexed their glossy green leaves in the waving of a soft breeze. The breeze led my eyes in another direction. A group of children were playing in the street with a brightly-colored rubber ball. The ball’s frivolous motions about the street made my soul absolutely giddy. The stretch of street itself, paralleling the path of life, reached up toward the sky as it curved around the bend. The light, cotton-candy-shaped clouds happily greeted the road with gentle touches and then continued on their merry ways. And the sun, its beautiful rays illuminating the joviality of life present before me, sparkled sweet tinges of light off of the smooth facades of the buildings across the field. The view from my window at that moment brought me, in that instant, the greatest joy I’d ever imagined.

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