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"Death's Anthem"

Death awaits, like an outstretched arm
the living corpse that roams the streets.
Crawling, creeping, choking, screaming,
draining the memories
the only remainders of a life once lived.

Infancy, strangled like a fetus
dangling from an aborted thought.

Childhood, forgotten in the
hysteria that cripples the mind.

Youth, drowned in the salty-sweet
cocktail of prolonged misery.

Adulthood, lost in the perils
of responsibility and the mundane.

Old age, wasted reliving the tragedies
of a life too short.

And now, in the tomb,
the rotting hand of a wretched existence
claws the casket of suppression,
yearning for just one more chance.

© 2000
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