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"Random Thoughts 3: Empty Heart"

I think Iíve lost the ability to love.
No, really, I have.
I say this only because of several observations
Iíve made about myself when around a woman
I would like to care about.

I still know how to talk to her.
I can make her feel like a goddess in all regards.
But, somewhere in my heart, or where my heart should be,
I feel this cold, empty cavity.

I no longer get that tingling feeling
Through my body when I kiss a woman.
I donít even think I can anymore.

I realize this, and I ache.
I ache in the very place I thought Iíd lost.
So, perhaps Iíve not lost all hope.
If I can still feel pain, then maybe,
When the right woman comes along,
All these years of emptiness and suffering will be replaced
With the overflowing pleasure found only in true love.

© 2000
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