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"Impossible Lovers"

As their lips finally touched, the fires of hell erupted in their name.
From that point on, they both knew that nothing would be the same.
He had no clue that this would happen or why he even bothered,
For while she lies in his arms, her heart belongs to another.

He thinks he’s found the one, but knows it cannot be.
She thinks she likes him too, but still she cannot see
She longed to feel her lover’s touch, but settled for what this tempter gave.
He yearned to have her for his own, but lust transformed him to a knave.

He knows he cannot have her, yet he keeps the hope alive.
Perhaps she wants to love him too, but now she can’t contrive.
They’ll keep the evening to themselves; she’ll go back to her lover,
And whatever future he thought they had, he knows for sure is over.

© 2000
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