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"Love Lost"

At once so perfect: a model of bliss for all the world.
Truth, however, reveals the deception, and time prevails.
Such high expectations at first, but now,
All hopes and dreams are thrust into the vacuum of futility.
Thoughts of happiness are replaced by the reality of emptiness.

Love made is now love lost.
Lost, and never again to be recovered.
Nights of boundless ecstasy inevitably become months of piercing agony.
Emotions torn beyond repair are all that is left of my aged, withered heart.
Inconceivable how one woman may cause so much joy, and equally, pain.

My forbidden beauty is now forbidden once again.
Used, misled, and now abandoned, I can go no further.
The bitter taste of the poison shocks my tongue.
My life, at once so wonderful, now must end.
Farewell to all, and may the next time be more sweet.

© 2000
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