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"Not So Random Thoughts: Goodbye"

I feel like all the joy, all the happiness,
and all the love in the world were just sucked out.
I feel hollow, empty.
The hole, the gap that you had finally filled in my life,
is back, and making its presence known.
I deserve it.

I fell in love with another manís woman,
And I tried to take her from him.
All I did was hurt her, him, and myself.

My soul is bleeding.
Thatís how I know I love you.
With every other girl Iíve been with,
I could imagine life without her.
I canít imagine life without you.

You tell me thatís how you feel about losing him,
Then you need to be with him.
Iím sorry I ever came between you two,
And I hope you two can fix the damage that Iíve caused.

I wish you both the happiest of relationships,
And a successful and happy life.
I also hope you never regret your choices.

Anyway, I have to go now.
May you have pleasant dreams and restful slumber.
Goodnight and goodbye...
...I'll always love you.

© 2000
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