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"Ode to a Gold Digger"

She silently waits, batting her eyes.
Her short, tight white skirt reveals her thighs.
Her caramel lips, a succulent treat.
A lustful temptation for every man she meets.

But none may breach this Eden’s walls,
For this coy creature likes to tease, and then stalls.
The suitors may lure, and as well, she may play,
Yet, she is the huntress, and they, the prey.

Like a dew-brightened rose on a warm summer’s eve,
She reveals her petals but merely to deceive.
In fact, she lay hunting for a lonely young fool
With riches galore that she may soon woo.

When found, she’ll seduce with her sinister charms,
Then constrict like a boa, and his wallet, disarm.
This sly, sneaky mantis, with all of her grace,
Is as loyal as Judas, with a much gentler face.

But as all things are revealed in this essence called life,
One day the young fool will see, truly, his wife.
And behind all the riches and glamour and more,
She’ll be seen for herself: a covetous whore.

© 2001
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