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"Spoken Love"

As the wind blows gently by my face,
I’m reminded of a place.
A place nestled in the trees.
A place for you and me,
For we, to be…forever.

I watch the moon rise
Like the sparkle in your eyes.
Eyes enchanting me,
Drawing me further into the depths of your soul.
And then…I’m whole.

Walking away,
I wish you’d stay.
Till you return,
My heart will burn
In loneliness for the lips I yearn to kiss.
Sweet bliss.

But burn no more, oh heart of mine,
For now you come, with no set time.
Like an angel, bathed in the glory of our love.
From high above, and even down below,
The powers will bestow a certain…I don’t know,
At the union of our souls
Now, and forevermore,
It’s you, my love, that I adore.

© 2002
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