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Verse 1
The woman that I search for,
The woman that I need.
The woman that completes me.
I wonder where she could be?

I’ve seen so many others
But they’ve always let me down.
Each day goes by without her,
I feel like I could drown. But

I know that special someone
Is out there waiting for me.
And when the time is right:
Destiny, destiny.

Verse 2
Pain keeps pulsing through my body,
My thoughts just go awry.
I fear that I won’t find her
Or that she’s already passed me by.

Some moments I can feel her
And sometimes I think I know.
If I ever find this perfect woman
I hope I never let her go. And


Verse 3
For now I’ll keep on dreaming
Of that moment when we meet.
I’ll keep on living for her
I know she’ll do the same for me.

And when our hearts are joined together
Our souls will be complete.
Then I’ll tell her, and she’ll tell me
That we knew it had to be. ‘Cause



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