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"Moonlit Park"

Verse 1
I’d like to tell a tale
Of lovers meant to be.
A tale filled with sweet love notes
That ends so happily.

‘Twould be a lovely tale, for sure,
Of lovers set for life.
A loving, faithful husband
And his loving, faithful wife.

But life just doesn’t work that way
It’s not the way we plan.
I met the woman of my dreams,
And she loves another man.

But out there in that moonlit park,
We talked beneath the trees
Of happiness together
And how perfect it would be.

Verse 2
Two hopeless romantics,
Both scared to trust again.
One, a bruised believer
And the other just a friend.

She says it’s much too difficult,
And confusion haunts her mind.
I tell her that I understand,
And we’ll try again sometime.

So now I’m left here waiting,
With my heart between my hands,
For that woman who completes me
To heal me if she can.


Yes out there...(CHORUS)

© 2001
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