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I was going to break these into categories, but I decided that the titles could speak for themselves. These are nothing more than my random thoughts at different times in my life that I decided to put into words. You can tell what was going on in some of them, others are a bit more confusing...even to me! I hope you enjoy them all, or at least a few.

Death's Anthem
Forbidden Beauty
Impossible Lovers
In Limbo
Last Thoughts on an Ill-Fated Fool
Love Lost
Mind of Mine
Monty Python
MP3 Works For Me
Nuestro Amor NEW
Not So Random Thoughts - Goodbye
Ode to a Gold Digger
Random Thoughts
Random Thoughts 2: Aged Wizard
Random Thoughts 3: Empty Heart
Sleeping Angel
Spoken Love NEW
The Dance
The End
The Tempter